Monday, June 4, 2007

Day of Birth

What better way to spend a twenty-sixth birthday? Driving randomly on New York State Route 26, looking for a sign that is accessible enough to allow me to get a semi-decent photo. Set the timer on the digital camera, risk life and limb on the side of the highway, and snap the stupid photo. Then, drive twenty-five miles back home. That's pretty much how I roll, folks. That's pretty much how I roll.


Megan said...

how many tries did it take? did anyone drive by while you were doing this? if yes, how'd you feel when they looked at you in that "is this guy crazy" sort of way? Davey, I love that you did that!! Miss you.

Dave E. said...

I've become accustomed to the "is this guy crazy" look, thanks.

Andy said...

Happy belated birthday, Dave. I turned twenty-five a couple of weeks ago.