Saturday, April 21, 2007

Playoff Machination Advice Necessitated

The Sabres have quickly disposed of the New York Islanders and advanced to round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Awesome. However, they did not play overly well in knocking off the Islanders. Sure, they won four games out of five, but they didn't completely hammer New York like they should have. Oh well, the second round is on the horizon anyway, whether the Islanders got trashed or not.

Anyway, I need some input on my personal role in the playoff journey. The playoff beard is filling out nicely, but it also looks kind of stupid and is very itchy. I have thought about shaving it, or at least trimming it substantially, multiple times over the past ten days. But I'm worried that I would be defeating the purpose of the playoff beard were I to do so.

The Sabres' second-round series won't begin until at least next Friday. Would I be doing the franchise a major disservice if I were to trim between now and then, and then allow unmitigated growth once again during the next series? Would that be a lame-o's way out?

Let me know, kids. Buffalo's Stanley Cup hopes may depend on it.


Andy said...

Don't touch a razor or all the blame is going on you if they lose. Plus, I kinda want to see this beard progression this week before you do any trimming. But, you're not going to be doing any trimming, so I will see it. There--it's settled.

Dave E. said...

Thanks, Andy. It is, indeed, settled.

Steven said...

I like hockey because of the fighting, but I don't care for boxing. I guess it is the illicit nature of the fighting that I like best. I read an article online a couple of days ago about how some football players and hockey players are loosing brain function because of the concussions. Cool huh?

Joe Fox said...

Well, I am glad to see that this issue of beard trimming during the playoffs was settled Dave, because Andy was absolutely right.

By the way, I don't read your blog often enough. But I did notice something funny about your face lately. I mean beyond the usual funny things of course.